March 17, 2020:

At this time, team practices are up to individual teams and churches.  FSCL recommends you follow the guidelines from your member church as well as all City, State and National guidelines along with all CDC and other officially published guidelines to make your decision about practicing.

March 16, 2020:

Due to construction delays on the turf project and especially due to current and rapidly changing COVID-19 guidelines, the 2020 FSCBL season will NOT start on April 13, 2020 as originally scheduled.  At this time, FSCBL is still committed to playing a full season in 2020.

We will continue to monitor the quickly changing events surrounding COVID-19 and will communicate updates to potential start dates for the season when available via this website as well as through our member churches and social media.

 March 13, 2020:

At this time, FSCL has made no decision on the start of our season, which is currently scheduled for April 13. We are monitoring the quickly changing events and will communicate any changes to our season schedule via our website ( as well as through our member churches and social media.

January 28, 2020:

Construction on turf project set to begin!  Contractors are due to start arriving with equipment this week and construction is scheduled to begin Feb 3rd weather permitting.  Kuykendall, Higgins, Skokos and Flocks fields and the surrounding areas will be closed effective immediately and will remain closed until the project is completed.  Please stay off the fields and away from construction zones and equipment until the fields are reopened.

January 15, 2020:

Umpire clinics scheduled!  Cameron Lewis will be the Director of Umpires for the upcoming season.  The mandatory umpire clinics have been scheduled for February 9, 12 and 23.  Clinic starts at 2:00PM each day.  All umpires MUST attend at least 1 of these clinics to be eligible to work.  Meet at umpires room at Ballman Concession stand.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.   If you are interested in signing up to be an umpire, fill out the on-line application form under UMPIRES link above or click HERE.

January 14, 2020:

2020 season dates are now posted! (see Schedules link or click HERE)  There are two schedules posted.  One will be normal schedule and one will be an alternate schedule that will be used if the field turf project runs behind schedule.  We will finalize which schedule will be implement around the first of March as we see how construction progresses.  We should have more information on the turf project and timing soon.  Check back in the coming days for more details.

RainedOut information:  If you are signed up to receive text messages from us thru the RainedOut service, you will be receiving information soon about a change.  Unfortunately, the service is no longer free for us to use.  You will receive a text from RainedOut in the next few days explaining your options.  Basically, if you want to continue to receive text messages from RainedOut, you will need to pay RainedOut $7.30 per year.  This fee will enable you to receive unlimited text messages thru RainedOut for 1 year from any organization using RainedOut.  If you do not wish to pay for the text message option, you can still sign up for free emails thru the service and you can still receive the information thru our website and our Facebook page. 

December 23, 2019:

Big news for FSCL today! We have raised $227,500 of the $250,000 needed to get matching funds from the City of Fort Smith to turf fields at the ballpark. Please consider helping us raise the remaining funds. Send tax deductible donations to Park Partners of Fort Smith. PO Box 7, Fort Smith, AR 72902.

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December 20, 2019:

An effort has been underway to raise funding to install turf infields on several of the FSCL fields. On Monday December 23rd at 12:00, First National Bank will be serving free hot dogs & drinks at Kelley Park Baseball fields and an announcement will be made pertaining to this project.  See FLYER and PRESS RELEASE on event.

July 9, 2019: FSCBL Scholarship applications now being accepted.

What it is: Scholarships for two individuals per year for use to pay for the recipients’ education (undergraduate, graduate, language school, or trade school). On-line programs are not eligible for these scholarships. Total yearly awards are based on a number of factors including funds available and number of qualified applicants.

Who is Eligible: Anybody who participated in Fort Smith Church League for at least one baseball season as a player or coach, umpire, and/or grounds crew worker.

How to Apply: Download Application. All applications must be postmarked no later than August 19, 2019 and should be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Winners will be selected and awards will be granted on or about September 15, 2019, or as soon as the selection committee can meet to decide.

June 24, 2019: Midget games scheduled for Skokos field tonight will have a 1 hour delay in start times to accommodate the State Tournament final game that was delayed by yesterday's rains.  As of today, trophy night is scheduled for Thursday night June 27 on Skokos field following the completion of the last championship game.  Coaches and players from teams winning awards (see list in June 20 post below) are invited to wear their uniforms and be on the field to accept awards.  ONLY COACHES AND PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD DURING PRESENTATIONS.

June 20, 2019: The teams listed below will receive awards on trophy night.  Regular season awards will be individual medals given to each player on the listed teams.  Post season tournament awards will be team trophies.  


June 14, 2019: The post season tournament is currently scheduled to start on June 21 for most leagues with trophy night for all leagues scheduled for Thursday, June 27. If additional rainouts occur, the tournament may be pushed back to start on June 24 with Trophy night moving to Friday, June 28. 

June 21 was originally not marked on the schedules as a league or league tournament date as it was marked as a USSSA tournament date. Because of this, we understand that some families may have scheduled other events or weekend trips which might leave some teams shorthanded for potential June 21 games. Given this and the fact that the tournaments had to be changed to single elimination, the decision has been made to make the following concession for Friday June 21 tournament games only. 

On Friday June 21, teams will be allowed to play with fewer than 8 players without forfeit. Teams will be allowed to play with 8 players with no out penalty. If a team plays with 7 or fewer players, 1 out will be taken at the end of the lineup each time the lineup turns over. This is in effect for games played on Friday June 21 only.

June 11, 2019: Post season tournament brackets have been re-posted.  Seeding will be based on final league standings.  Trophy night is currently scheduled for Thursday June 27.  If additional rainouts occur, trophy night may be pushed back to Friday June 28.

June 10, 2019: We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during all the rainouts and rescheduling.  The latest version of rainout makeup schedule (Rev 7) has now been posted and lists makeup games to be played on Saturday June 15, Tuesday June 18 and Thursday June 20.  As always, the makeup schedule is subject to change if additional rainouts occur.  There are a lot of game date and time changes, so please review the schedule carefully.  Revised post season tournament brackets should be posted tomorrow (Tuesday June 11).

June 7, 2019: The latest version of rainout makeup schedule (Rev 6) has been posted and is subject to change if additional rainouts occur.  Please note that last night's games have mostly been moved to Tuesday June 18 with a few exceptions.  Please check your Saturday June 15 game times and dates carefully as some were moved from previous schedule to accommodate last night's games.  Revised post season tournament brackets will be posted soon.  All teams should be prepared to play regular season games on June 17 - June 21.

June 6, 2019: New rainout makeup schedule including last night's games will be posted this afternoon and is subject to change if additional rainouts occurIf we have any more rainouts, the post season tournament brackets will be changed to single elimination and all teams should be prepared to play regular season games on June 17 - June 21.

June 3, 2019: Post season tournament brackets for JPW thru Midget leagues will be posted in the next couple days based on seeding.  Seed numbers will be listed on standings in the coming days also but will change as the season progresses.  Final tournament seeding will be based on final standings once all games are completed.  Tournament brackets are subject to change if excessive rainouts occur this or next week.  The updated rainout schedule including tonight's postponed games is now posted and is subject to change if additional rainouts occur. 

May 31, 2019: The suspension of the forfeit and out rules for player numbers described in the May 28 message below will be lifted beginning with the Monday, June 3rd games.  If a team still has flood related attendance issues next week, please contact your league president to discuss.  We will do everything we can to make exceptions on a team by team basis to accommodate specific situations.

May 29, 2019: Since the major river crossing bridges have reopened into and out of Fort Smith, we will resume normal scheduling tonight and start games at 5:30 as originally scheduled.  Team photo appointment schedule will also go back to originally scheduled times beginning tonight.  We will continue for at least this week with the suspension of the player count forfeit and out penalty rules as described in yesterday's note. 

Head coaches should contact their league president ASAP if they will not be able to field enough to play this week due to flooding issues.  We will do everything we can to reschedule those games if possible.

The schedule for Saturday rainout makeups has been posted for some time and has not been revised yet.  It is subject to change based on todays weather and possible reschedules due to flooding issues.  Please check back frequently for updates to the Saturday schedule.

May 28, 2019: Thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the ongoing flooding.  There has been much deliberation on how to proceed with games scheduled for this week.  League presidents have been in communication with head coaches for tonight’s scheduled games and it looks like we will be able to play.  League presidents are continuing to check on games for the remainder of the week and information will follow on those games as soon as possible. 

As of 9:00 AM this morning, tonight’s games will be played as scheduled except for a 30-minute delay in start times.  The first games will start at 6:00 PM to allow for extra travel time and we will start subsequent games as soon as possible to keep things moving. 

Head coaches should contact their league president ASAP if something changes and they will not be able to field enough to play this week due to flooding issues.  We will do everything we can to reschedule those games if possible.

To make it easier for teams to play, the forfeit rules have been modified as follows.  Until further notice, teams will NOT have to forfeit games with fewer than 8 players and there will also be no out penalty for playing with fewer than 9 players.  Teams will be able to play games with as many players as they can field.  For example, if you can only field 7 players, you can play the game with no out penalties and not have to forfeit.

Team photos scheduled for tonight will also be done as scheduled with a 30-minute delay. 

May 23, 2019:  Now that the rains have begun to taper off, the fire ants have become more active at the ballpark.  Over the next few days, the grounds crew will be marking ant locations with small colored flags.  If you see these flags in the ground around the ballpark and on the fields, please do not move or relocate them.  Once we have all the locations flagged, we have exterminators coming out to treat the flagged areas.

The latest rainout schedule is now posted for Saturday, June 1st.  RAINOUT SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF ADDITIONAL RAINOUTS OCCUR

Coaches and on-field assistants: Please make sure you stay in your designated locations during game play.  We have noticed recently that coaches and assistants are increasingly interfering with game play by being out of position on the field during play.  If you are unclear of where you are allowed to be during the game, please refer to FSCL rules or ask a league official.  In general, if you are not at one of the designated coaching positions defined in the rules, then you must stay inside the dugout or within arms reach of the dugout fence.  Also remember to please keep all equipment inside the dugout (bats, helmets, buckets, etc.), keep everyone other than on deck batters INSIDE the dugout and keep your dugout gate closed at all times during game play.  We appreciate your cooperation with these issues.

May 6, 2019:  New rainout schedule has been posted.  Please review the schedule carefully as some games are being played on Saturday May 18 and others have been moved to weeknights during available field times.  Coach Pitch and Pony regular season schedules have been changed to reflect games moved to weeknights.  See Rev 3 of regular season schedules for Coach Pitch and Pony posted now.  RAINOUT SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF ADDITIONAL RAINOUTS OCCUR

May 1, 2019:  Rainout schedule for Saturday May 4 has been updated to include the Pony games that were rained out Tuesday April 30 on Skokos field.  All other games on April 30 were completed as scheduled.  RAINOUT SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF ADDITIONAL RAINOUTS OCCUR

April 22, 2019:  Games rained out on Thursday, April 18 have been rescheduled for Friday, May 10.  Check regular season schedules in Coach Pitch, Pony and Midget leagues for Rev 2 of schedule that shows game times and locations for May 10.  Pony games will be played on Higgins field and Midget games will be played on Skokos field.

April 18, 2019:  TBall games for tonight will be played as scheduled.  All other league games have been postponed due to wet field conditions.  Since this weekend is Easter weekend, the rained out games WILL NOT be scheduled for this Saturday as originally indicated on schedules.  Watch the website early next week for rainout makeup schedule to be posted under the schedule link.

April 16, 2019:  The season has finally arrived and games have begun!  The large fencing project that has been underway for several weeks is nearing completion, but there is still fence work being done around the ballpark.  Please be patient as Modern Fence works to finish up the project.  If you haven't done so already, be sure to sign up for text alerts for weather cancelations and other important events by texting FSCBL to 84483.

April 3, 2019: TBall, Coach Pitch, Pony and Midget season schedules have been posted!  Prep and Babe Ruth season schedule will be posted as soon as possible.  Any open field time slots on the schedules are available for renting out.  Contact Tommie Glover for details and to rent field times.

April 1, 2019: Season schedules for all leagues are currently in final review.  Barring any major issues, they should be published under SCHEDULES link this week.

March 29, 2019: The City finally turned on the water to the ballpark this week and the restrooms are now being opened for scheduled practices.  We apologize for this taking so long but the decision to turn on the water is made by the city and not FSCL.  The nets on the batting cages are down and the cages are being used.   Work is underway in earnest to prepare the fields for the season.  Please be patient with us, contractors and our grounds crew as work progresses.  There is a lot going on from dirt work on fields to new fencing going in. 

March 12, 2019:  As the weather slowly improves, practices start up and the season rapidly approaches, I wanted to cover a few topics with everyone.  Please forward this information to coaches and parents as appropriate.

  1. BATHROOMS:  The bathrooms at the park are still locked up and will remain locked up for at least another week.  The reason is that the Parks Department has not turned the water on to the restrooms or concession stands yet.  They winterize the park for us and they are the ones that determine when they will turn the water back on.  As of this morning, the Parks Department is expecting freezing weather this weekend.  They will re-evaluate the forecast next week and determine if they feel comfortable turning the water on.  As soon as the Parks Department restores water, we will begin opening restrooms.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. BATTING CAGES:  The grounds crew should be working on lowering the batting cage nets and getting equipment put in them in the next couple days.  They should be ready for use by the end of the week if all goes well.
  3. FIELDS:  Please do not attempt to move bases and especially pitcher's rubbers on any of the fields.  They may not be set at the proper distance for your team, but please use the fields in the condition they are in when you arrive.  We have had several pitching rubbers destroyed lately by someone trying to remove them improperly.  These are expensive and can be very time consuming to replace especially if the anchors are damaged or moved.  I don't know if it is church league teams or others doing it, just wanted to request that you not attempt to reconfigure a field.

  4. GROUNDS CREW: Our fields currently need a lot of work.  Weather permitting, the grounds crew will continue preparing the fields for the upcoming season.  This work will accelerate as we hire more grounds crew personnel.  If you find areas on a field under construction, roped off or unsafe, PLEASE STAY OFF THE AREAS and keep your kids safe. If you should find a field with the gates locked, PLEASE STAY OFF THE FIELD and do not climb the fences or dugout walls to get in.  I know its an inconvenience to practice around areas like this, but it is sometime unavoidable.    Also remember that our grounds crew has priority on the fields at all times.  So if you happen to be on a field during the day and the grounds crew asks you to vacate the field so they can work on it, please do so ASAP.  This will normally only happen on weekdays before 5:00PM.  Your corporation with this is appreciated.

This site has been created to give you the latest information about Fort Smith Church League baseball games, teams, schedules, and other information.

The activities of the Fort Smith Church Baseball League are sponsored and supervised by churches in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and the surrounding areas.

Each member church has their own signups and organizes the teams from their church. If you attend a member church check with the church about signing up to play.

If you do not attend a member church either contact a member church to see if they can use additional players or contact FSCBL and we will make the information available to all the churches. This is used by the member churches to fill their player needs and complete the rosters for their teams. All member churches are shown below.

For information about entering a new church into the league please refer to article VII, Financial Policy, in the FSCL rules which are available in the rules tab.

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